pixelrave aims to build bridges between the underrepresented actors of underground dance subcultures from different geographies, by re-creating the radical inclusiveness of dancefloors in a virtual deterritorialized location. The construction process is part of the performative act, proposing an inclusive virtual community as a laboratory for confrontations, rewiring rituals that are prohibited due to the pandemic. In its digital dimension pixelrave will gather non-normative aesthetics to de-construct conventionally extractive digital spaces.

The 19th of December 2020 the first edition of pixelrave has been possible thanks to the participation of Club CoWeed (TUR), Deaf Rave (GBR), Dudakların Cengi (TUR), Go Grrrls (THA), House of Tupamaras (COL), Krip-Hop Nation (USA), Mamba Negra (BRA) and Queerwaves (TUR).

pixelrave is doing its best to be an accessible experience, please find here our ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT.

a project by Saverio Cantoni & Derin Cankaya

developed in the context of Artistic Manoeuvres for the Digital Present Residencies for the HAU Digital Lab, where utopias for the theater of the future and HAU4 were developed. Selected by dgtl fmnsm, explain, Nathan Fain, Katja Grawinkel-Claassen, Romily Alice Walden and HAU

mentored by dgtl fmnsm

Made possible with: The funding programme for digital development in the cultural sector of Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.


HAU: Sarah Reimann, Anna Krauß, Ingo Ruggenthaler , Sebastian Zamponi, Marius Bratoveau, Ursula Dusch.

dgtl fmnsm: Alla Popp, Nushin Isabelle Yazdani, Ulla Heinrich.

for Mozilla Hubs hosting: Gloria Schultz.

for unconditionate, precious support Ada Hennel, Daniele Lucchini, Gizem Aksu, Viola Castellano and Raphael Oberhuber.

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