pixelrave loves resources libraries!

There are a lot of information already available online. If you are here it is probably because you would like to find information to build yourself an opinion about accessibility, inclusivity, ableism... well we are sorry to disappoint you, we cannot answer your questions. There are many subjectivities and the best things to do would do to answer yourself. Non normative people answered most of the questions that may came to your mind already billions time, so why not looking around for these

We started collecting here also useful tools to build accessibility in internet, do not forget that accessibility can be cool and sexy for everyone!

This index is INCOMPLETE and ALWAYS IN PROGRESS by nature. Please feel welcome to contribute contacting us.

Doesn’t matter if you think ableism is someone else’s problem, do not loose inspiration and navigate the resources below. 

# Name Type Link
1 Allyresources Internet Accessibility a11yresources.webflow.io
A growing list of accessibility tools and resources for websites (ENG)
2 Ramp-up.me Events Accessibility ramp-up.me
3 Virtual AMC Internet Accessibility amc.alliedmedia.org
4 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Internet Accessibility w3.org
5 National Disability Authority (NDA) Internet Accessibility w3.org
6 Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD) Internet Accessibility universaldesign.ie
7 Accessibility/Usability Penn State Internet Accessibility accessibility.psu.edu
8 BarrierFrei Videplayer Internet Accessibility aktion-mensch.de
9 Contrast Checker WebAIM Internet Accessibility webaim.org
10 Line Contrast Checker WebAIM Internet Accessibility webaim.org
11 Accessibility Evaluation Tool WebAIM Internet Accessibility webaim.org
12 NVDA screen reader Software Accessibility nvaccess.org
13 Vision Software Accessibility apple.com
14 Hearing Software Accessibility apple.com
15 Accessible Fonts Internet Accessibility reciteme.com
16 Talila A. Lewis Social Justice Network talilalewis.com
17 The Queer Futures Collective Social Justice Network queerfutures.com
18 The Wig Art Accessibility Inclusivity galeriegalerieweb.com
19 Critical Design Lab Art Accessibility Inclusivity mapping-access.com
20 Critical Design Lab Art Accessibility Inclusivity mapping-access.com
20 Accessible Marketing Guide Art Accessibility Inclusivity weareunlimited.org.uk
21 Artist Resources Art Accessibility Inclusivity shapearts.org.uk