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pixelrave loves non-normative communities.

The POP revolution is starting now, far from the conforming language defined by music industry and branding in the second half of the ´90s. POP is now everyone and everything, with the infinite freedom of defining themselves with unlimited language of the bodies.

They are a community of queer performance artists, performing in various venues in Istanbul nightlife. By organizing performance nights and taking the stage as performers in many venues in Istanbul, they were both taking part in the entertainment industry and doing activism… up until now.

Ever since they started social distancing themselves because of the Covid-19 outbreak, they continue their broadcasts through their social media channels. By doing live broadcasts of their shows like “Dudakların Cengi” or “O Perf Türkiye” and starting their Youtube/Twitch channels, they seek new ways to connect with their community and audience, and try to keep the solidarity we need strong through establishing a connection that could lift our spirits.

(description from their official channels)

The golden day of Istanbul drag families ruled by open stages where many of the DC stars will also shine. There is a place for everyone who says “I can also be on that stage”
–Dudakların Cengi

pixelrave would like to invite you to read the following message and support with donations the Istanbulite Queer Performers Solidarity Fund.

“We’ve built ourselves an economy with the shows we’ve been organizing for more than 2 years and the tips we’ve collected, but it is collapsed now. We have friends among us that are still students, that lost their jobs, that continue their lives without getting support from their designated families and they have become less secure than ever, right from the first days of this shutdown. Many of us living without any social security, savings or a source of income are having difficulty meeting their basic needs, particularly health and housing.

In this hard and uncertain times, we need an economic solidarity network more than ever. Therefore, we’ve created this solidarity fund that all of us can contribute to, so that we can support each other with feelings of trust and responsibility. If you want to support us, you can send your contribution, either for one time or regularly. Or, you can simply share this fund with your friends.”

All the images published above here are courtesy of Madır Öktiş. Please follow them in their channels!
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Go Grrrls are a queer collective in Thailand helding Queer Dance Party in Bangkok since 2013.

We are queer collectives of DJs, Voguers, Club Kids, and Drag Queens with long-time friendship and passion for music. We aim to create fun and safe space for LGBTQI+ and beyond (all genders welcome) with music we love and freaky friends we share. Each of us represents the uniqueness of character and style formulating the strong force of queer power. Go Grrrls stand for Freedom, Diversity and Equality for all.
–Go Grrrls!

All the images here are courtesy of Go Grrrls. Please follow them in their channels!
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