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If this window looks blank please click here to visit our Mozilla Hubs
chrome is the most supported browser for now. Please read below.

Hubs instructions:

Set up your room and devices for the best experience, as eary as possible prior the rave start (18:00)

  1. If you invite someone to watch the rave together, we recommend commecting your computer to a beamer, or a large monitor.
  2. With one place in hubs you are only allowed to choose one character and login in from one device. Any uninvited guests/characters will be kicked out, to make sure we all enjoy best performance of our machines and servers.

  3. For the best experience use only a PC/ Laptop, never a smartphone. Make sure you have good headphones or a good speaker(s) connected to your computer For the best experience we recommend to download and install the Chrome browser on your mac or PC.

  4. In your computer, please close all unnecessary browser tabs, programs and anything else that can slow down performance of your computer.

  5. Make sure your laptop is on power supply.

  6. If you use a VR headset(e.g. HTC Vive or oter), make sure you have a WebVR compatible browser. Make sure your VR headset is properly updated. Test the Web VR in your browser at least one hour before the show starts. Quick way to join a room by standalone VR headset (e.g., Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear) is by sharing the URL, which you then open in your headset’s browser. Starting from your desktop or smartphone, choose “Enter on Standalone VR” to generate a headset code. Open the browser in your VR headset (Firefox Reality works well). Then navigate to and enter the room code.

Enter the Hubs environment at least 20 min prior rave start

  1. Click the invitation link in the email. Follow the on-screen instructions in your browser. Make sure you can send and receive audio signals.
  2. Choose your avatar and enter the Pixelrave Main Hall

  3. The virtual space of the rave is limited to certain amount of avatars inside. In case when you arrive the space is full, you wont be able to enter the main hall with own avatar, but will be able to enjoy the show from the lobby and use the chat function. As soon as a place inside gets free, you can enter the main hall and choose or upload your own avatar and visit other rooms.

  4. Make sure you understand how to navigate the environment with move, turn and teleport functions. Use arrow keys to navigate forward, back, left and right, use mouse right click button to activate the green ray for teleport.

  5. In case your page goes black during the show, just reload it with CTRL/CMD + R, or in your browser next to the web address bar. If something goes wrong, just start with the invitation link in your emails and repeat all steps

  6. In worst cases try to reload and wait, and be patient. Since it is a prototype project, we can't promise that everything will work out perfectly.

  7. If the room is full, you can still watch from the lobby, but you won't have an avatar and won't be able to navigate the space. You can enter when there is enough space in the room. Thank you for your patience.

Space Rules:

  • At the Main Stage
  • Please keep your microphone muted at all times. Unmuting yourself might lead to music broadcast interruptions. You are hightly encouraged to use the chat for interaction, since it is visible to all visitors.
  • We highly encourage you though to unmute and use your microphone for conversations and share your web cam video in the chillout room and toilet.
  • The chill out space allows you to creat 3 dimentional drawings. You can use the pen tool for this.
  • In the main stage and chill out space, you are allowed to press G to fly. Feel free to explore the outer space! In the toilets it is not possible to fly.


If you encounter any problems, as well as need technical support to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable, please don't hesitate to contact us through our telegram group: Link to telegram group