pixelrave loves free digital tools!

We live in a world where the accumulation is ruling and the internet alongside with the software that we use to access it and produce contents is one of the forefront of exploitative profits mimetically hidden as free services for the users.

There are very few things free out there, and pixelrave want to suggest you a list of tools that make your life in the internet chill, you may find solution that will improve your digital experience, respectful of your privacy and without making any form of profit through the time that you use them.

We did our best to use only free software and tools, but we did not entirely accomplished, scarcity of time forced us some compromise in order to promote accessibility and inclusiveness over digital ethics. We choose to prioritise a healthy and accessible experience to every artist involved especially in a world even more separated into single clusters by the pandemic and its lockdowns.

One of the reasons why we are mostly against proprietary software is because folks are addressed as consumer instead then users, we cannot freely use it, cannot redistribute it helping people around us. It is difficult to choose to avoid proprietary software because the companies that produce and distribute them detain aggressive monopoles, on top of everything our actions end up being spied and analysed to extract profits.

What would we think if the screwdriver we have always used one day changed shape from a star-shaped to a flat one? Or perhaps become a hammer? We didn't choose it, someone else who owns it, who has produced it or who simply can do it has decided for us. In this perspective our digital world could became even more ableist than our real one, whenever is shaped by the profit of the minority. To support the rising majority consider using software belonging and being controlled by everyone.

This index is INCOMPLETE and ALWAYS IN PROGRESS by nature. New great tools born every day, and trusted one change among time, so a patient re-evaluation process need to be done. Please feel welcome to contribute contacting us, for any recommendation or critics you may have.

Fight digital capitalism, we have alternatives to mainstream data extractive platforms!

# Name Type Link
1 Mozilla Firefox Web Browser mozilla.org
Firefox is one of the best choice around if you are looking for a browser not built to track everything you do online. Sorrounded by a great community, full of very interesting plugin, open source, completely free. And doesn't make money selling your data to third parts.
2 Jitsi Meet Videocall Service meet.jit.si
3 VLC Media Player videolan.org
4 OBS Broadcasting Software obsproject.com
5 Audacity Audio Software audacityteam.org
6 Calibre Ebook Management calibre-ebook.com
7 Krita Painting Software krita.org
8 Blender 3D Creation Suite blender.org
9 Archive The Internet Archive archive.org
10 Switching Software Software Index switching.software
11 Defend Our Movements https://defendourmovements.org/
12 Privacy Tools https://www.privacytools.io/
13 CHATONS https://entraide.chatons.org/en/
14 RISEUP https://riseup.net/
15 Sharing Is Caring (Only DE) https://wiki.mur.at/SharingIsCaring
16 Autistici/Inventati https://www.autistici.org/
17 MYshadow https://myshadow.org/resources
18 EtherPad - Collaborative Writing https://pad.riseup.net/
19 Tor Browsing https://www.torproject.org/download/
20 Videogame Engine https://godotengine.org/
21 Cyber Feminism Index https://cyberfeminismindex.com/
22 Cryptpad https://cryptpad.fr/